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Out of the Ministry of Higher Education's interest in spreading higher education all around The Kingdom, and pursuant to the Sublime Guidance No.10093/M B  dated 2/6/1428, the Council of Higher Education's resolution No... dated 2/6/1428 to establish the College of Computing and Information Technology has been approved. To -among the faculties of Northern Border University- develop the local community and meet labor market needs.


Dr. Saleh bin Mohammad Al-Twaijry
Faculty of Computer and Information Technology's Dean

Vision and Mission

To be a leading regional institution in academic programs, research, and consulting. 

Provide accredited academic programs in computing that shape professional graduates who can contribute to research and community development and meet local and regional labor market needs.  



Out of the need to provide national competencies specialized in computing and information technology, and with the understanding of the leading role the faculty has to take in serving the community, our college is determined to take a prominent position in computing and information technology by:

  • Qualifying our students in computing and information technology, training them to have scientific and practical potential to graduate with high competency.
  • Contributing to scientific and applied research in computer and information technology.
  • Providing advanced training programs to assess and develop computer skills to the university's employees and the regional community. 
  • Providing scientific consulting in computer and information technology.
  • Providing training courses that meet the labor market needs.
  • Qualifying college graduates to seek higher education with the courses provided by the faculty.
  • Creating a motivating environment for creativity and innovation in computing and information technology by providing material and moral incentives.
  • Training students to analyze and build information systems in the private and public sectors before graduation by partnering with these sectors to provide full facilities and capabilities.
  • Cooperating with the community by providing information about exceptional students to public and private bodies for job opportunities. 

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