About The Faculty

Out of the Ministry of Higher Education's interest in spreading higher education all around The Kingdom, and pursuant to the Sublime Guidance No.10093/M B  dated 2/6/1428, the Council of Higher Education's resolution No... dated 2/6/1428 to establish the College of Computing and Information Technology has been approved. To -among the faculties of Northern Border University- develop the local community and meet labor market needs.


Dr. Ahmed Alhomoud
Faculty of Computer and Information Technology's Dean

Vision and Mission


To be a leading regional institution in education, research, and consultation programs. 


To deliver accredited computing academic programs characterized by learning outcomes that guarantee to prepare professional graduates capable of contributing to scientific research, developing the community, and meeting the needs of the local and regional labor market. 



Based on the need to provide specialized national competencies in the field of computer sciences and information technology and aware of the leading role that must be occupied by the faculty in the service of the community, the faculty has considered to be in a distinguished position in areas related to computer sciences and information technology, and for that has set the following goals:

  1. Preparing students in the areas of computer science, information technology and information systems, to be qualified with necessary scientific and practical skills and graduated with the highest possible competence.
  2. Contribute to the development of scientific and applied research in the field of computer sciences and information technology.
  3. Participate in offering advanced training programs for the rehabilitation and refinement of skills in the areas related to computer sciences and their applications to the university employees particularly and to the local community in general.
  4. Providing scientific counseling in the field of computer sciences and information technology.
  5. Provide programs and training courses that meet the needs of the labor market and industry.
  6. Qualifying graduates to complete their higher studies in the scientific disciplines.
  7. Create the appropriate environment for creativity and innovation in the field of computer sciences and its applications by providing incentives and material and moral rewards.
  8. Training students in practical training on designing and implementing systems in the private and public sectors before graduation through agreements between the faculty and these sectors to provide all facilities and possibilities for students.
  9. Integration with the community through providing necessary information to companies and public and private establishments about outstanding students to facilitate their professional integration after graduation and coordinate between these companies and graduating students.

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