About Information Technology Department

The decision to establish the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology at Northern Border University was approved by the Higher Education Council in 2007 because of the regional and national need for computing and information technology specialists. The Information Technology Department was established as one of the three departments of the College and is responsible for information technology programs. Enrollment in the department began in 2007-2008. Currently, the department has about 300 students and 15 faculty members from various disciplines. The department has one program and awards Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology Science. The department aims to qualify competitive cadres with basic knowledge of Information Technology. Specifically, computer networks, databases, human-computer interaction, and web software design. The Information Technology Department promotes research and multidisciplinary activities to give in-depth knowledge and understanding of information technology topics. It also facilitates practical training on the latest tools and technologies, understanding social and ethical issues related to information technology, and developing problem-solving and communication skills. With the assistance of the university, the department supports faculty members to attend professional development workshops and seminars.

    Dr. Ahmad Mohammad
    Head of Informtion Technology Department
    شعار قسم تقنية المعلومات

    College Programs

    Program NamePathCollegesDepartmentLocationProgram DegreeNumber of HoursStudy Plan
    Information Technology ProgramFaculty of Computing and Information TechnologyInformation Technology DepartmentRafhaaBachelor Programs136

    Vision and Mission


    Develop leadership and creativity with distinguished academic and technological education following international standards.


    To qualify and train students of the department to be competitive, have the basic knowledge of information technology, and are aware of its research trends. The department aims to graduate specialists with sufficient communication, cooperation, problem-solving skills, and adequate awareness of information technology's social, ethical, and legal issues. It also urges them to use their knowledge and skills to serve the community.


    Within a few years of graduation, an IT graduate is expected to be able to: 

    • Provide technical contribution to the economic growth of the organizations for which they work through their knowledge of information technology. 
    • Apply the knowledge gained to solve problems that require IT solutions using the latest tools and technologies. 
    • Understand and respect professional, ethical, and social values in information technology. 
    • Has high communication and problem-solving skills and can work in a team. 
    • Be aware of research trends, recent innovations, and entrepreneurial prospects related to information technology.