More About The Department


The Department of Information Systems was established in 1433/1432 to be one of the College of Computer and Information Technology’s departments. It awards a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems. The department aims to qualify male and female students to fill technical and administrative positions. The department includes a selection of qualified professors to provide the latest scientific materials to students. Students of the Information Systems Department also benefit from the university’s network to access all scientific resources. We train our students in various primary computer fields such as programming, networks, systems design, and software engineering to help them achieve their goals and support them to be active in the decision-making process. The Department of Information Systems philosophy is based on making qualified students both in theoretical foundations of information systems and applied concepts in business science through practical applications that focus on identifying and solving existing problems in the business. Information systems combine Computer Foundations and technical needs of administrative organizations. The program provides theoretical foundations in information systems as well as an understanding of management principles and practices that are enhanced through practical application that focuses on identifying and solving existing problems in the business world.



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Vision and Mission


We aim to be a leading provider of education and research in Information Systems that meet the needs of the regional and international business communities.


Graduating specialists in integrating information systems solutions with administrative processes, who can serve business organizations’ requirements, has a sense for community service, and knowledge of modern research trends.


      Information Systems graduates are expected to be able to:

      • Give technical contribution to the economic growth of the organizations in which they work through their knowledge of information systems. 
      • Identify and analyze problems that require technical solutions in different environments as well as implement and evaluate them using appropriate tools and techniques. 
      • Have professionalism, responsibility, and ethics in practicing the information systems profession with colleagues and superiors.  
      • Use communication and problem-solving skills throughout their professional practice and work effectively with teamwork to achieve common goals.